Frequently asked questions

Is there any disk space restriction ?There is no server available...How can I pay ?What games are supported ?Can you please add the game XYZ ?Can I use the first free day multiple times ?

Is there any disk space restriction ?

Yes there but it's a fairly large one so that you never runs out of disk space if you put custom maps on you server. Do be specific, there's a 20GB limit, if you go over the server will be shut down and you will loose the credit associated with this server (if you have put any). This limit is purely to prevent abuse because 20GB is pretty much enormous for custom maps :)

There is no server available...

We should have enough servers for that to never happen. It might be a temporarly shortage so keep trying in a few minutes.

How can I pay ?

We use Paypal so you can pay using credit card (without a PayPal account) or using your PayPal account (bank transfer or anything else PayPal accepts).

What games are supported ?

See supported games.

Can you please add the game XYZ ?

Yes, if we can, we will ! But please tell us what games you would like to see supported by ODGS, that way we will prioritize our development effort.

And one more thing : please don't ask us to add games we can't support :

  • games without dedicated server
  • Windows only (we run games under Linux for performance and security)
  • games needing huge ressources (16GB of memory for example)

Can I use the first free day multiple times ?

Yes, you can use it each time you rent a server. And if you rent it for only one day, you can have a free server each time.