Fix for Minecraft servers 2020-04-26

Minecraft servers should now be working again, sill with an old version (ask us if you want a new version).

Fix deploying new servers 2019-04-12

A bug in our server deployment tool was crashing new server creation, it's now fixed. Sorry for the delay but nobody reported the problem :-/

Help us add new games to ODGS 2018-08-13

We're looking into supporting more games but we need to know which one you want the most, so please tell us on the forum or using the contact page. Thank you !

Updated CS Source servers 2018-03-26

Steam got a bug preventing updating CS Source servers so they failed to work correctly. We manually updated the servers and everything should be working now.

If you have any problem like this, please contact us so we can't fix it quickly.

TF 2 servers are working again 2017-12-30

Because of a Steam update, TF2 servers stopped working. This issue is now fixed.

Teeworlds 0.6.4 and DDraceNetwork 10.7.1 2017-08-17

As requested by one of our user, Teeworlds and DDraceNetwork have been updated to their latest versions.

Welcome to Garry's Mod 2017-02-11

It was a long time since a new game was supported by ODGS so here it is : Garry's Mod is now available.

Updated TF2, CS Source and CS GO servers 2016-08-21

TF2, CS Source and CS GO servers are always kept updated when starting for the first time but as images were created almost one year ago, the Steam update process began to take a long time recently (up to 20 minutes for CS GO...). So I updated theses images and now you shouldn't wait more than 5 minutes to create a new server :)

Some stats for ODGS 2016-07-18

Here's some statistics for fun :
- more than 250 servers rented
- 0 payed ( :'( ), all free for one day :)
- more than 160 users
- top 5 of the most rented games : teeworlds (by far !), CS 1.6, CS GO, Minecraft, COD4

Minecraft 1.9 2016-03-25

Minecraft servers have been updated to 1.9 version.

DDRaceNetwork updated to 9.0.2 version 2015-12-14

The popular mod for teeworlds has been updated to the latest version !

Forum is online 2015-10-19

It took us a bit more time than anticipated but the forum is now online. If you need support or want to chat with the community, you now have a good place :)

First day is now free ! 2015-07-02

We've got a lot of requests asking to increase the free period because it's too short to set up the server and play with our friends in one hour. So we increased the free period from one hour to one day, this should satisfy everybody :)

Minecraft support and end of beta 2015-06-24

As we didn't received much bug reports, our service should be stable enough to be declared out of beta.

And to celebrate that, we've added Minecraft support. Servers are "limited" to 3GB but it should be plenty enough for all your friends :)

OpenArena 0.8.8 2015-05-26

We pursue our efforts to extend supported games list and this time it's OpenArena. Like teeworlds, it's a completely free game that anyone can download and play and it's based on Quake 3 Arena.

Counter Strike 1.6 2015-05-22

As users requested it, we've added Counter Strike 1.6. AMX Mod X is also installed on the server by default, you just need to customize it to your needs (set admin users, ...).

If you want other games, please ask us :)

New game supported : Teeworlds 2015-05-19

We continue our efforts to support other games and this time it's teeworlds. It's a "smaller" game than what we used to, but it's a very nice open source game that anyone can play and it has a wide community.

For this game, we implemented MODs support directly from the server control panel. You can switch from default game to DDRace, OpenFNG, infection and Race.

Here comes a new challenger : UT2004 2015-05-12

There's a new game available for renting through ODGS : UT2004. Yes that's an oldie but we like this game that's why we quickly added it to the list of supported games :)

Enjoy !

On Demand Game Server is live (and in Beta :) ! 2015-05-08

ODGS is finally live ! After developping it for several months we are now ready to let all of you test it and tell us if anything is wrong.

ODGS will evolve but we think that the service is now sufficient to be worth the price we ask :) The first thing we will work on is to extend game list (we only have four supported games for now). To do that, please tell us what game you would like to see in ODGS so we can prioritize what you most want as the next future supported titles.

The service is still in Beta, their might be bugs so please report them to us ( or contact form on this site).

Enjoy !